Yekaterina Varnava spent the evening in the company of ex-lover

Екатерина Варнава провела вечер в компании экс-возлюбленного Star Comedy Woman met for dinner. Dmitry Khrustalev joked in the caption to the photo with Catherine that won this bout in the quiz. Fans of the comedian noted that they look great together.

      Dmitry Khrustalev and Catherine Barnabas was found the night before for dinner in one of the capital’s cafes. Despite the fact that the stars of the Comedy Woman no longer in a romantic relationship, they parted friends and I get along great. The entertainer shared the photo with a spectacular artist in his microblog, leaving a funny caption to the frame.

      “None of the lottery had never won, and he was lucky. First place in the quiz “shades of red” on the radio “Retro+”. Gift: dinner with Barnabas. Mentally, comfortably in proportion,” wrote Khrustalev.

      Fans of humor show participants noted, under the that they should resume a romantic relationship. “You have to be together”, “I just love these people. Khrustalev super”, “Can you still have understand that you need to be together again”, “Nice pair,” wrote the followers of Demetrius.

      By the way, in recent personal life Dmitry and Catherine shrouded in mystery. According to some, Khrustalev had an affair with Sasha Dahl soloist and producer of the group “Fruit.” They met on the set of the show “Evening Urgant”. Touching footage of the pair in an embrace sparked talk that they began a relationship.

      In turn, Barnabas has only recently revealed her new lover. Catherine meets a dancer Konstantin Myakinkova. The girl not only hides her feelings to the young man, but also willing to share photos with chosen on the pages in social networks. Ekaterina Varnava has published a candid shot with your favorite

      Some media even wrote that Barnabas secretly married his chosen one, as the hand of the artist saw the engagement ring. The star itself somedy Woman has not commented on this news. However, Barnabas is not again provoked Internet users, laying out the pictures in their wedding clothes and hinting at the imminent celebration. According to Catherine, she is ready to link their lives with Constantine, as it largely supports her and feels her mood.

      “I understand that we are in an absolute comfort zone, because the coast of me feels fine. He always knows exactly when I need to talk to him – just fits and starts to slowly ask some probing questions. We found some kind of balance – Yin and Yang. Although at first I thought that communication with that person is absolutely impossible. Especially outside of work,” admitted Barnabas in one of his interviews.

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