Екатерина Варнава шокировала фанатов своей худобой
Star Comedy Woman suspected of anorexia.

Yekaterina Varnava

Photo: @Instagram kativarnava Catherine Barnabas

In losing weight, as in any other case, an important role, as
it is known, plays a sense of proportion. Often star in the pursuit of harmony,
lose an objective assessment of her figure, and can no longer stay at
the fight against excess weight. Here and fans of Catherine Barnabas was seriously worried by the health status of the stars of “Comedy Woman”. The reason for this was the picture, which she shared with her followers on the microblogging.

photos Catherine looks dramatically thinner. Many of her fans
felt that her thinness looks unnatural and scary. Especially in the eyes
catches strongly separated clavicle and ischeznuvshaya” the once lush
the Breasts of the actress. Fans in the comments advised to be careful in
issues the pursuit of harmony, in order not to bring the body to anorexia.

By the way, most often in show business in this disease
suspect wife of famous soccer player — Maria Pogrebnyak. Almost
under each the fans attributed to her anorexia and ask to seek help to the doctor.

By the way, not long ago, the media suspected that Barnabas was secretly married to his lover
— Konstantin Myakinkova. On the fourth finger of the star from the beginning
summer flaunts wedding ring, however, itself artist reviews
for this reason does not. However, the wedding between Catherine and Constantine is not
would be for the fans a big surprise. After all, the lovers, according to
friends, just perfect for each other and in their relationship reigns
absolute harmony.

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