Екатерина Стриженова стремительно худеет по особой методике TV presenter in two days rid of three pounds. Ekaterina Strizhenova went to Kazan, to spend a week in a Spa resort. Fans never cease to amaze pursuit of celebrity perfection.

      Екатерина Стриженова стремительно худеет по особой методике

      Famous actress and TV presenter Ekaterina Strizhenova delights fans of harmony. For several years she wakes many residents of our country in the program “Good morning” on the First channel. Fans never cease to wonder how the star manages to look great and keep your weight normal.

      Nevertheless, Catherine never ceases to strive for excellence and are willing to spend your vacation in beauty treatments. She went to Kazan to spend seven days in the Spa complex premium.

      “The first day of vacation! To beauty and health arrived in Kazan to start a new life in the Spa complex. The program is a week-long detox, wish me luck!” – posted by Catherine.

      Immediately the next day Strizhenova his success. She shared her first successes to the shape of your dreams.

      “Minus two pounds for the first day! I understand that it is the water goes, but still nice…this is really serious I had to go through all the doctors, only then admitted to detox!” – happily said the presenter to his fans in the microblog.
      Екатерина Стриженова стремительно худеет по особой методике

      Strizhenova enjoys spending time in the exclusive Spa resort, despite the fact that all procedures planned to the minute. Apparently, Catherine doesn’t bother this pace, because it took a little bit of extra pounds.

      “Pool with hot milk! Once recalled Russian folk tales about rivers of milk and honey — Here is a very intensive program, any free minutes, you are led around by the hand from room to room…took another three pounds!” – shared with all the fans Strizhenova.

      Fans were amazed at such quick results presenter. However, they could not fail to note that without special procedures Strizhenova in great shape. “Super Katyusha, you’re a big lad! Good luck,” “one and a half kilograms? Come, we will not know. Melt away. You have a nice relaxing”, “Very interesting to see the result! Although you looked great before”, “Catherine! You are so beautiful! After such a cleaning, easy to fly and will minus 10 years! Younger daughters will become,” wrote a follower.

      Spouse Catherine Alexander Strizhenov tries to meet his wife, and because, too, began to monitor their weight. “When I mount the painting “Grandfather of my dreams”, I suddenly saw a woman with different eyes. And – believe? – fell over again in her acting talent, beauty of women. I immediately wanted to meet her, and I sat on a rigid diet, lost a few months to 50 pounds,” admitted Strizhenov in an interview.

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