Екатерина Стриженова бесится из-за вредных привычек мужа The actress admitted that her husband threw things. According to Catherine Strizhenovoj, she had a lot to live with. She understands that sometimes in every family, disagreements happen.

Yekaterina Strizhenova is happily married with her husband Alexander. According to famous TV presenter, at any relationship to work. Star allows him to solve many issues. “I am married, and very happy about it. All the global problems still Sasha decides. Have Alexander is perceived as a unified whole, and it’s nice. We were the program “Good morning”, and people since then, when you meet on the street Sasha, always ask him, as a wife, as children. And I, in whatever city came on tour, you always hear the question: “As Alexander, daughter?” And Sasha talk all the time. We are very interested to know the views of each other for any reason,” said Catherine.

However, the TV presenter still adheres to the opinion that it is necessary to accept some shortcomings of the chosen one. If a woman can forgive some bad habits of her husband, their marriage will last long.

“Sometimes people break up is an emotional crisis happened, the fatigue had accumulated and then can’t remember why they divorced. Maybe it was nothing, maybe she was annoyed that husband never makes his bed. My husband never makes the bed. And never will be. So I’ve accepted it. He doesn’t ever wash their dishes and don’t clean up the plate. Says if there is a dishwasher, it is all about. And I have no questions for him. I had the husband do not say that in the dishwasher too is necessary to load the dishes and get her out. Sasha, which was taken off their clothes there and left. And I’m the same. Then go collect things throughout the apartment. It is necessary to know the characteristics of each other, it’s a very easy life,” said Strizhenova.

In addition, all members of the family Stroganovyh found a place at home where they feel comfortable. Alexander has a room where he could retire. Catherine welcomes you in a special women’s room. “In General, all family members have their own area. But it is still in the living room all together. We there is a large sofa on which there are Sasha’s place that no one should sit. And when our daughter Alexander allows himself to lie there and stretch my legs, then chased her. She starts to prove to dad that the couch they say, common. But I explained to her that there are things that are Holy, and to touch them is not necessary”, – said the presenter.

Have Stroganovyh in the family, there is trust. Catherine allows the spouse to use her phone, she doesn’t hide from him any correspondence. “And I can also take his phone at any time. That’s when he reaches for them, and say: “Why did you take it” or with a mobile phone will go to the toilet, so I didn’t hear what he says, it is a sign that there is something to hide”, – such opinion was expressed by the star in an interview with “BM”.