Екатерина Рождественская освоила альпийский горн
Designer and author learned to play an unusual instrument.

Екатерина Рождественская освоила альпийский горн

Catherine Christmas

Designer and
writer Catherine Christmas spent may holidays in
Switzerland, where he mastered the Alpine horn. This proved to be difficult:
a very important technique, you have to combine the correct lip movements and abdominal
press. But the teacher was decent — one of the best performers Werner
ERB. Under his leadership, the Catherine began to extract sounds from
tool and even hit the notes. By the way, to be zealous in
rehearsals are not recommended – 5 minute practice, 5 minute break
otherwise, head ache…

“I love to do what can not, — says
Catherine. — It’s very exciting”.

In search of new ideas and inspiration
Catherine got to the “heart of Switzerland” Canton of graubünden, in
which hid authentic villages, each with its own history,
architecture and healthy traditions. One of them called
Scuol — Catherine lingered for a few days to enjoy
mineral springs. The water here is special, the four types:
the sources are named Boniface, Sfondrati, Lucius and Lisha, each
has its own taste and properties.

In Zurich Catherine returned,
full of energy and fresh ideas shared on your creative
the evening, which was organized by Laemmli Media in Atlantis
by Gardino. A place with a rich past — it has hosted famous
people like Freddie mercury and many others, what look like
photos and subjects of an interior, a stylized 70-ies.

“No wonder
Switzerland has long been creative people traveled in search of inspiration, —
says Catherine. This country gives many opportunities to
to learn about yourself something new, to restore health, to give children the impetus to

Catherine Christmas

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