Yekaterina Klimova: “the Children waited for me until after midnight to tell about the incident”

Екатерина Климова: «Дети ждали меня до часу ночи, чтобы рассказать о случившемся»
The actress admitted that her children has changed dramatically.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Ekaterina Klimova told about children born in large families (the actress has two sons and two daughters — Approx. ed.) are different from those who have one parent.

“When children
much, they are more cooperative and less selfish. There is a truth and that
eldest child understand a little more. But in a large family not only the firstborn
you may consider yourself a senior. For example, Matthew we — the eldest son, he also bears the
its the responsibility of those who are younger. I later returned with
the tour was a day off — Matthew and Lisa stayed up until midnight, waiting
me to tell about how was your day at home.”

There was a time when a 15-year lease and 10-year-old Matthew was rivalry over who’s in charge, but now everything has changed. “They bullied
each other, tried to defend the lead. But now they have become a gang — smiling Catherine. — In a large family
arrogance by itself strays”.

The eldest daughter is still was pleasantly surprised by the actress in their attitude to financial matters.

“A year ago I gave Lisa
a card with a certain amount, and told all the grandparents, her dad and
relatives that if they want they can give her daughter the money she
spend, what they want, — says Ekaterina. And I was pleasantly surprised that all this time she
very rarely used his account and spent some sane amount. This
card attached to my phone, so I know about all the write-offs. Yet
it isn’t necessary to spend more. All that she wants, buy my father.
She doesn’t want even money on the subway – she goes on free ticket
be given to all large families.”

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