Yegor Konchalovsky took away the bride from the hospital

Егор Кончаловский забрал невесту из роддома
51-year-old Director became a father for the second time.

Егор Кончаловский забрал невесту из роддома

Yegor Konchalovsky Love Tolkalina and daughter Masha

Photo: “7 Days”

In the famous family of Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky —
the addition, which for many became surprise. Yegor Konchalovsky took
from the hospital his new beloved Maria Leonova: at the beginning of April she gave birth to
son. The boy was named Temur. Relationship
Maria and Egor in the beginning of this year officially parted with Love
Tolkalina, not hidden, but not flaunted.

“She is not
actress and lawyer. About me — young. Name is Masha, daughter, —
Konchalovsky told about Leonova. — We met in court. She me
defended, and that I like it.”

Now Egor defends himself: and now not just a favourite
but also a long-awaited son. We know that Mary moved from its
Moscow apartments in a country house Konchalovsky and got along great with my mom
Director, Natalia Arinbasarova. The famous actress who is genuinely happy
changes in the personal life of the son, the first time to help daughter with
the education of the kid.

civil wife Lyubov Tolkalina and Egor did not comment on changes in
his life, the actress has gone on a journey.

I think mom worries too much because of public opinion. And this is understandable,
after all, she’s a famous actress, in an interview said the daughter Konchalovsky and
Tolkalina, Masha. — Everyone can see it, discuss. But there are things that, from my
point of view, it is not important, and she cares deeply about them. You know, when we
fight, she first calls: “Quiet, Mary. The neighbors will hear”. And I say:
“What hears? Well, Yes, we swear. This is normal.” And when dad’s coming
with luck, my mother washed the apartment, Staley clean linen on all beds,
wear makeup, get dressed up, brew delicious tea, take out the brownies and wait.
And dad thinks we’re always in that order. I think it’s weird.
And funny.

And dad
easier. However, for some reason he always worried on the subject of which he is the father.
All the time asks me: “Mary, I’m a good father?” Although, I think
to ask of a child is meaningless. With what will I compare? Clear: if
father encourages gifts that authorizes something, gives freedom — here it is already good
daddy, in any case, a better mom, which is always something you require.
Dad, you can convince and argue with mom — is meaningless.”

Maria Leonova

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