Yegor Konchalovsky spoke about the future wedding with the chosen one

Егор Кончаловский заговорил о будущей свадьбе с избранницей The famous Director started thinking about marriage. Yegor Konchalovsky told about in what condition is his sister Masha, the daughter of Andrei Konchalovsky and Yulia Vysotskaya. Four years ago, she had an accident in France and since then a coma.
Егор Кончаловский заговорил о будущей свадьбе с избранницей

In early April of this year, Director Egor Konchalovsky has become a father again. Beloved Maria Leonova gave him a son Timur. Now the whole family lives together. Not so long ago a boy was baptized, giving him the name George. Egor admits that the baby is now the center of attention for all the relatives. He adores the child. Yegor Konchalovsky showed newborn son

Despite the fact that the relationship of the Director and his lady reigns idyll, the couple is still not legalized relationships. It does not hide that is not in a hurry to go to the registry office. He’s not sure whether to put the stamp in the passport.

“Maybe I’ll marry? Can. No, we just get used to each other, will see how it goes,” says the Director.

In the “Destiny of man”, leading Boris korchevnikov touched on a painful subject for the whole family Egor. Sister Mary, the daughter of Andrei Konchalovsky and Yulia Vysotskaya, four years ago, got in an accident. The accident occurred in France. Since then, the girl comes out of the coma. Relatives hope that Masha will recover and return to normal life. Julia Vysotskaya about the health of his daughter: “We work, we move, going very, very slowly”

“I think after this tragic accident saw Masha once. Of course, it will be a long, tough rehabilitation and it is unknown what the outcome. God forbid, everything went in the best scenario, say,” – said Konchalovsky.

All relatives of the famous Director worried about the girl. Egor remembered a story that happened shortly before the crash. Mary called him on the phone and he immediately recognized her. The fact that it is almost the same age as his daughter who bears the same name. Konchalovsky thought that the heir of him just playing and only in the middle of the conversation realized who he really is.

Also Egor said that the girl is now at home. Moreover, the French doctors did not see the further sense of being in the hospital. The doctors had intended to take her off of life support.

“She’s in Russia. And the French wanted to turn it off, said everything is meaningless. She was taken to Russia, this crisis has passed,” shared the Director.