Yegor Konchalovsky showed newborn son

Егор Кончаловский показал новорожденного сына The man shared a touching video that captures the moment a family idyll. Yegor Konchalovsky loves beautiful son, Timur, born in the beginning of April. Mama Director Natalia Arinbasarova directly involved in the upbringing of your child.

2 APR Director Egor Konchalovsky became a father for the second time. Beloved artist Maria Leonova gave him an adorable son named Timur. Adorable little guy was the first joint child of the couple, long time hid their relationship from the public.

Konchalovsky am excited about the cute little baby and tries to give him all the free time. Man happy to nurse the baby and does not hide his joy from fans. Recently the Director shared a touching video in which imprinted a charming Timur. A child walks with her grandmother – honored artist of the RSFSR Natalia Arinbasarova. Apparently, the woman loves her beloved grandson and love to care for him.

“Mommy has a new favorite pastime – hanging out with Timur. I wonder whether it appreciates Timur?” – shared a happy man in one of his social networks.

Fans Konchalovsky found the video very touching. They also wished little Timur to grow up healthy and to make their parents happy. In addition, subscribers men decided that Natalia Uteulina looks amazing. “May God give you long life”, “How cute”, “Baby”, “Happiness”, “Prosperity to you and your family”, “of Course, baby will appreciate the efforts of the grandmother, when you grow up”, “Your mother is a beauty”, “Peace to your home”, “What could be more such touching moments,” discussed social media users.

Recall that the joyful event in the life of the famous Director became aware a few weeks ago. Charming Timur was born in one of capital maternity homes. A few days after the birth of his son Yegor Konchalovsky got in touch with the fans and shared his feelings on fatherhood. A man and his fiancee are over the moon with happiness.

“This is a very big and important news in my life, so lately I’ve been so inactive on social networks. Thank you very much and congratulate me. Before the meeting,” the Director said in his video message to subscribers.

We also add that for the first time about his new beloved Yegor Konchalovsky said in the program of NTV “the Secret to a million.” The man reported that his girlfriend far from the world of show business. “She’s not an actress, and a lawyer. About me – young. Named Mary, as a daughter. We met in court. She protected me, and that I liked,” shared the Director with a leading Leroy Kudryavtseva.