Егор Кончаловский показал повзрослевшего сына The Director noted the birthday of the little Timur in the company of those closest to you. Relatives showered the boy with compliments. According to fans of Yegor Konchalovsky, the child is very similar to the famous father.
Егор Кончаловский показал повзрослевшего сына

In early April, the son of 52-year-old Yegor Konchalovsky said birthday. Timur was one. The family of the Director have decided to postpone the celebration of the 15th to collect all the family, including godparents of the baby entrepreneur, friend, Konchalovsky, and the eldest heir of the artist Mary.

A few days later in a microblog of Yegor there was a picture of Timur. Probably it was taken during a family holiday. In the picture the Director accepts congratulations from family and looks very happy. “But my son!” – with these words he signed the frame.

Users of social networks found that the boy was a copy of his famous father. “Very cute”, “very big”, “How much love and happiness he will get from communicating with you all in such a large family! This is so important,” “Keep it tight”, “Another successor of the family Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky. Who knows, maybe this is the future of a talented actor or Director… And yet this little tot”, the “Nice boy”, “Sunshine”, “Thank you show”, was discussed by the subscribers of the Director.

On the eve Konchalovsky announced that he was going to go in Pyatigorsk – in the small home of his grandfather, Sergei Mikhalkov. There are events dedicated to the 105th anniversary since the birth of the famous writer. Yegor Konchalovsky, Mikhalkov, Artyom, and the writer’s widow Yulia Subbotina became the honored guests of the festival “Everything begins from childhood”, in which the opening of the memorial plaque on the site of the demolished cemetery where her final resting place found father Mikhalkov.

In addition, the local library opened a room devoted to Sergey Vladimirovich. Close gave the Museum personal belongings Mikhalkov. During the conversation with journalists Yegor Konchalovsky said that his native land played an important role in the formation of his grandfather. On Wednesday, April 18, the Director scheduled a meeting with pupils of one of schools of Pyatigorsk.

We will remind that Egor Konchalovsky became a father for the second time on 2 April 2017. Mother charming Timur – lawyer Maria Leonova. The boy was born in one of capital maternity homes. Konchalovsky has admitted that he is very happy. “This is a very big and important news in my life, so lately I’ve been so inactive on social networks. Thank you very much and congratulate me,” shared the Director of the social networks. At the end of the summer he baptized the son. During the sacrament of Timur named George.