Yegor Konchalovsky chastises daughter for rudeness

Егор Кончаловский отчитывает дочь за хамство The Director is trying to influence the successor. Yegor Konchalovsky does not scold a teenager for poor grades in school, as he was not a student. The man admitted that it is not so often seen with 16-year-old Mary, and therefore does not accept in her life of active participation.

      Егор Кончаловский отчитывает дочь за хамство

      The famous Director Yegor Konchalovsky 35 years, first became a father. Together with the former civil wife, actress Love Tolkalina, they bring up his daughter Mary. Now the girl is 16 years old. Parents understand that their heir is going through puberty, but because they are forced to wait when this period ends. He admits that sometimes he has to criticize the behavior of his daughter.

      “And since Masha is not seen often, can’t say that much involved in her upbringing. Unable to chastise her for rudeness or two. But I’m not very good was in school, so blame her for the tuition would not be fair. I try to explain. Luba, however, all the time complaining about me for awkward age daughter. Well, what are you gonna do? Necessary to survive this period”, – says Yegor reasoning.
      Егор Кончаловский отчитывает дочь за хамство

      In January of this year, Lyubov Tolkalina admitted that no longer lives together with her civil husband. For several years, the pair tried not to comment on his personal life. Konchalovsky himself told that long ago broke up with Tolkalina. Tolkalina publicly announced the breakup with Konchalovsky

      “Not that I’ve been going to this family and fatherhood was not for me an object of reflection and planning, it happened. I do later served in the army, he studied at three schools, then actively worked. First didn’t have money of their homes. When the house appeared and the opportunity to support not only themselves but also the family. But we have not live together with Any,” admitted Whitney.

      Konchalovsky glad that the girls have different Hobbies. While Mary thinks what profession to devote his life. Egor doesn’t want his heir was leaving to study abroad. He believes that Russia has excellent universities that train good specialists.

      “I will not say that Mary is just too radical grace slick performs extraordinary actions that require the educational explosion. She is very busy, she in addition to the school many classes: painting, languages, and sports. No time left on some things that we have time was in my Teens. Our with Any major task is to make the wider horizons of the daughter that she had a choice, which way to go next,” – said Konchalovsky in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.