Егор Кончаловский изменил имя сыну ради православия The little heir to the Director was converted to Orthodoxy. Yegor Konchalovsky told about an important event in his family. During the sacrament four-month-old baby named George, the parents of the boy is Timur.

In the family of the famous Director Yegor Konchalovsky on the eve of an important event took place. The little heir to the famous family, was born on 2 April this year, admitted to the Orthodox faith. Yegor Konchalovsky told about the sacrament, a perfect son, posted a video in a microblog. The baptism of Timur happy young father named a huge celebration. By the way, during the ceremony four-month-old baby was given another name. Christened as boy George. The godmother of the baby was his older sister Mary, the daughter Konchalovsky and love Tolkalina.

“Hello, dear friends – appealed to subscribers microblog Egor Konchalovsky. – And we have today a huge celebration, we baptized my son Timur and Masha’s godmother. So now our Timur, in Orthodoxy – George, a true Christian.”

Fans of Yegor Konchalovsky was happy great news. They immediately began to congratulate the happy father on this event and complimenting the daughter Konchalovsky Masha, who appeared with dad in the video.

“We congratulate Timur and you, Egor, with the baptism! Masha beauty”, “Congratulations Timur with the great sacrament of baptism. May he always be blessed by God, and his faith is sincere. Let the angel, whom he found, protects and keeps it. But Masha want to raise his godson, and most importantly, to pray for him and help in everything and always”, “the Christening! What beautiful Mamie!”, “Happiness Like, bless him! Congratulations to all of you!”, “Congratulations! And once again, all the best, Timur, the beauty of the cross to Mary and to you, Yegor,” he responded to the message Konchalovsky its subscribers.

Recall that the long-awaited heir to the famous Director gave his young fiancee, Mary. Yegor Konchalovsky in the microblog writes about his incredible sensations adult fatherhood, but about the woman that made him happy, and prefers not to extend. Only once in the air one of the programs he allowed himself a few words about the beloved, emphasizing that she is a private person.

“She’s not an actress, and a lawyer. About me – young. Named Mary, as a daughter. We met in court. She protected me, and that I liked,” – said Yegor A. in the “million dollar Secret” in March of this year.