Yegor Konchalovsky came out of a young lover

Егор Кончаловский перестал скрывать молодую возлюбленную The Director showed idyll with wife and son Timur. The night before, Yegor Konchalovsky and Maria Leonov congratulated the day of birth familiar cultural figure. Adorable babe went to a party together with loved ones.

In early April, Director Egor Konchalovsky again became a father. Maria Leonova, a beloved cultural figure, gave him a charming baby, who was named Timur. In late August, the lovers are baptized son. Until recently, he preferred to hide her from the public, however the night before shared footage taken in one of the capital’s Golf clubs.

In the video published on the page of men in Instagram, you can see Maria, who nurse the charming baby. Seeing that Konchalovsky writes a video message, the young woman didn’t become puzzled and greeted the audience.

“And here we are today, we with Timur came to the birthday dinner for my friend Annetta. Where Is Timur? But he,” the Director says in the video, showing a charming son and his mother.

Social media users were delighted to publish Konchalovsky. They wished his family all the best. “Good evening, Egor”, “Kid like you”, “well Done Timur”, “Finally you are back”, “How lucky Annetta”, “Let the child grow happy and sturdy to the delight of your family,” “Pretty baby,” was discussed by the fans of the artists.

Recall that on the departure of Yegor Konchalovsky and love Tolkalina became known in the beginning of the year. The actress shared some important news on his page on “Facebook”. Celebrity also made it clear that she was able to maintain good relations with the ex-lover. Former spouses regularly in touch, interested in the Affairs of each other and discuss issues related to the General education of his daughter Masha.

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The heiress Konchalovsky and Tolkalina was the godmother of little Timur. The Director said in his microblog. The man called the sacrament a huge celebration. During the ceremony four-month-old baby was given another name – George. So now our “Timur true Christian,” – said Konchalovsky.

About beloved famous film Director, gave him a lovely son, not much is known. Egor Konchalovsky is trying to protect Maria Leonov from publicity and never talks about her in interviews. For the first time the man spoke about the new romance in the air one of the programs. “She’s not an actress, and a lawyer. About me – young. Named Mary, as a daughter. We met in court. She protected me, and that I liked,” – said Yegor A. in the transfer NTV “Secret in a million”.