Yegor Holavina condemned for makeup

Егора Холявина осудили за макияж The man continues to amaze transformation. Despite the large number of plastic surgeries, Egor Holyavin not intend to stop there. Thanks to modern medicine he wants to become a handsome man by any means.
Егора Холявина осудили за макияж

Fans of “House-2” remember the famous member of the show Yegor Holavina. He was rather plump young man, and then decided to dramatically lose weight. However, this transformation is not over. Yegor had the courage to endure numerous plastic surgeries for perfect appearance in order to become a true Ken. Now Halavin decided to emphasize the eyes and to highlight brow, and therefore dare not so widespread for men the procedure as proof makeup. Rustam Solntsev called Yegor Holavina a liar and a turd Burger

“Boldly and confidently towards your goal! Took another step! Permanent makeup from very steep masters in Moscow”, – wrote in the microblog.

However, fans were somewhat confused by what he saw. Some called Egor to cease and desist from such a radical transformation. “He’s the shadows in the eyes?”, “Egor, stop! It’s all good! Enough”, “You’re a man, what the hell is a make-up”, “I hope you will feel the moment when you should tell yourself stop. All should be the measure. Although beauty has no borders,” reasoned subscribers stars “House-2”.

Apparently, Halavin wants to achieve the goal no matter what. He undergoes numerous surgeries to possess the appearance of your dreams, even if he must risk his own health. A couple of weeks ago he was hospitalized two days later after another plastics.

“For two days I had a fever above 38 degrees, dizzy, jumped pressure. I became very ill. Then called an ambulance. Doctors quickly arrived and decided immediately to be hospitalized”, – told “StarHit” Halavin.

Probably Egor hopes that a new look will give him another life and open opportunities. When the man was on the project “Dom-2” that couldn’t tie a strong relationship with any of the girls. They said they really appreciated him for his inner qualities, but I couldn’t call him physically attractive.

Many fans have wondered how a young man so much money on expensive treatments. Yegor did not hide the fact that all operations, finding a clinic, getting around the city in a car with a personal driver, as well as housing, he pays no out of pocket. Victim of plastic surgery Yegor Halavin admitted who provides it