Егор Дружинин вернулся в шоу «ТАНЦЫ» The choreographer agreed to become part of the project team. According to representatives of the channel TNT, Yegor Druzhinin again will recruit people in the new season. Fans of the TV show happy with his return.
Егор Дружинин вернулся в шоу «ТАНЦЫ»

The former coach of the show “DANCING” on the channel TNT Yegor Druzhinin rejoin the jury in the new season, which starts in late August. The famous choreographer will work on the project together with two other mentors — Miguel and Tatiana Denisova.

In a press-service of the TV channel confirmed this information.

“The return of Egor Druzhinin “DANCING” is a great event for the channel. For the first time in the history of the project at the judges ‘ table will be three mentor. I am sure that viewers will be interesting to watch this dance triangle. This season of the show dancing with the stars has never been” — said the General producer of TNT Vyacheslav Dosmukhamedov.

Recall, Yegor Druzhinin suddenly left the project before the start of the fourth season. The crew had to quickly look for a replacement, which is found in the person of Tatiana Denisova, the founder of the JD team Ballet in Germany. She had a wealth of experience in talent shows on television as Director and creative producer.

In turn, Druzhinin was dissatisfied with the rules of the project “DANCE”. In the final the winner of the show was chosen by the audience, who sometimes were not so well informed about the real talent of this or that participant of the transfer, and was based on personal sympathies.

“I’m tired. Each new season I made a promise to myself not to worry so for their members. But I can’t. The excitement and emotions torn apart. And at the end of each season I feel empty and worn out. You have to spend some time to recover. But it is not. The situation of competition is clearly not for me. Are unable dispassionately to make decisions for the care of participants when working with them. To each used and stuck. My decision, neither explains the blow for them. Don’t want to hurt them. Don’t want to hurt yourself”, then said Druzhinin.

Famous choreographer began to develop his personal project “Gomeo”, and also participated in the show “You’re super” on NTV channel. However, Druzhinin was unlucky – he was not able to reach an understanding with the company, which was engaged in the musical.

“I am pleased to inform you that I no longer have any relationship to the so-called musical “Jumeau”. It turns out that this project has only one goal — to sell the technical component performance for the ocean. The audience must serve as a necessary backdrop. The company ethical standards is minimized. The postponement of the premiere is the need to customize your show for the tastes of the American buyer. We later understood the situation,” — said Yegor after the termination of the contract.