Егор Дружинин вернулся в шоу «ТАНЦЫ» на ТНТ
The producers of the channel told about the fate of Tatiana Denisova, took the famous choreographer.

Yegor Druzhinin

Yegor Druzhinin returned to TNT, to continue in
the “DANCING”, where he was a mentor. While fans of Tatiana
Denisova may be sure it will remain in the project. The producers decided that
this season will be three mentor three teams, but also one
the winner.

We will remind, Egor twice left the project. The first time he left
the chair of the mentor during the shooting, declaring that he could not agree
the results of the audience vote, which could not influence. Through
a few days it returned, reaching agreement with producers of the show.

The second time, Yegor left the project before the fourth
season, explaining his resignation emotional burnout due to feelings for
participants of the project. With the channel, the choreographer broke up peacefully, but with a colleague
Miguel no, they completely stopped communicating. Now all fans of the show
breathless — the aggravated confrontation Yegor and Miguel promises to be one
of the highlights of the new season. In the fourth season of the number-two ranked mentor
choreographer Tatiana Denisova. However, during this time, charismatic
the teacher so loved by the audience that it was decided to leave.