Yegor Druzhinin left the show “Dancing on TNT” in another project

Егор Дружинин ушел из шоу "Танцы на ТНТ" в другой проект
Some time ago, the choreographer Egor Druzhinin has officially declared that does not intend to take part in the next season of the project Dancing on TNT.

Егор Дружинин ушел из шоу "Танцы на ТНТ" в другой проект

Yegor, can understand. He openly stated his position that he does not like it when the winner is not the one who’s a better dancer, and one who has more fan group and turn dance project in-House 2 he does not want.

So after three seasons he made two decisions. The first is to leave TNT and the second to go to the dance project “everybody Dance” on the channel Russia. So now the chair next to him will take Miguel with Svetlakova, and Vladimir Derevianko and Alla Sigalova.

Now Egor will decide the fate of entire dance teams, but who will partner him in the show on TNT the big question. It is not excluded that Miguel will call one of his friends choreographers.

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