Егор Дружинин  покинул шоу «ТАНЦЫ»
The choreographer left the project before the start of the fourth season.

Yegor Druzhinin

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS

Jury member and choreographer of the show “DANCING” Yegor Druzhinin took
the decision to leave the project before the start of the fourth season of the show. According to
representatives of TNT, he warned the leadership about their plans
in advance, so parted without scandals.

Now the producers of the show “DANCING” lead the search for a new mentor.
And the task is to do it in a short time, as in April already begin
the regional auditions.

In turn, Egor Druzhinin spoke about the causes,
which prompted him to leave the project. According to the choreographer, to be the chair of judges
on the show — a difficult task that requires nerves of steel.

“I’m tired, — said Druzhinin.— At the end of each season I
exhausted and worn out. You have to spend some
time to recover”.

During previous seasons Egor was very worried,
when one of the guys dropped out after he was not voted by the audience. In his
view, such a situation was unfair.

“As practice shows, audience voting does not
objectively, continue to work in the same spirit so silently
agree with what’s going on and to see how the best from your team leave
her,” said one Druzhinin.

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