Yegor Druzhinin danced to throat singing Eugene papunaishvili

Егор Дружинин станцевал под горловое пение Евгения Папунаишвили
Choreographer impressed by the dance nation Ulchi.

Егор Дружинин станцевал под горловое пение Евгения Папунаишвили

Yegor Druzhinin

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS

Scene of the “You
super! Dancing!” from the first day of the qualifying trials became a platform for
improvisation: often the numbers of the contestants are so impressive jury
they literally can’t sit still. So, Yegor Druzhinin, admire
Veckan performances of Yulia and Valeria Extension, decided to learn girls skills
traditional dance of the Ulchi people. The choreographer came on stage, and, under
the accompaniment of throat singing Eugene papunaishvili dance with
with contestants.

Lera and Julia came
for the project from the village of Bulava, Ulchsky district (Khabarovsk Krai). In the first round
girls are playing in Duo, and with his native style of dance, the national
Ulchi choreography. Her performance is impossible without a perfect sense of rhythm — it
it impressed the choreographer and jury member of the project Yegor Druzhinin.
Professional dancer decided to try: will he be able to repeat
unfamiliar and new step for him? To impromptu performance and joined
Evgeny papunaishvili, which, to the surprise of the audience he is an expert deep-throat

“Was an incredible rhythm, girls possess the sense of rhythm is terrific, —
shared Egor. Itself plastic dance amazing — Julia and Valerie danced so
if they have no spine. And I wanted to try to do this
unusual choreography”. We will remind, Egor came to work for NTV in this season. Before the project, “You
super! Dancing” he was a judge and mentor in dance show on a different channel.

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina