Yegor creed caught having a secret meeting with the finalist of “the Bachelor”

Егора Крида застукали на тайной встрече с финалисткой «Холостяка» Fans of the musician assured that he is undecided. Egor Krid was seen along the Victoria Korotkova in public. She is considered to be the main favorite artist.
Егора Крида застукали на тайной встрече с финалисткой «Холостяка»

The sixth season of the show “the Bachelor” is coming to an end. Soon Egor Krid will choose the winner among the three finalists. Now the main contender for victory is the Victoria Korotkova.

Rumors about her affair with Creed go long. Recently, potential lovers spotted on a secret meeting. They are about something talked rapidly immediately after the filming of another edition of the show “Songs”. Fans immediately assumed that Victoria will be the winner of the sixth season of “the Bachelor.”

“Once it was clear that she sympathizes with”, “I’s sick, but Victoria is also beautiful. Very charming and sincere girl”, “I somehow think that creed at all, nobody will choose” – opinions of the fans of the project.

Egor prefers not to comment on the information. He has said many times that is still not fully decided on their sympathies. The young man has signs of attention to each of the finalists, and therefore to determine the future winner while it can’t even loyal fans of the show.

We will remind that Victoria came to the project, although he was still married. In the first issue, she admitted that is married but considering divorce. For creed the girl has accelerated the procedure for termination of the relationship with the ex-lover.

“Three years married. We had planned on children when was the peak of our emotions. I think children need to start when your relationship has reached the highest point when you need something more. When you realize that love a person as much as possible… I really wanted children, I thought I was to the child, but at the moment, apparently someone at the top saw that after the baby is born I’m unlikely to become the happiest woman on the planet. This wouldn’t have happened. And then the person who was next to me, his actions started to show that I should take off the rose-colored glasses and start thinking with his head, clearly explained, from whom you can have children and with whom better not to communicate,” said the girl in an interview with “StarHit”.

In a recent issue Yegor himself filled her tattoo with the word Amor. She repeatedly stressed that came to the show for the sake of love, and apparently, she was able to find her.

According to the information portal Victoria many ventured for a secret meeting with Egor. The fact that the project participants are forbidden to see the bachelor out of the set, and this is spelled out in their contracts. However, the sense, apparently, was stronger than the fear of a decent penalty.