Годовалая дочь Воли и Утяшевой пошла по стопам мамы The girl is already interested in artistic gymnastics. Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva tried as long as possible to take care of little Sophia from the sport. Fans noted that the mother can make the daughter of famed athlete.

      A little over a year ago, the family showman Pavel Volya and famous gymnast Laysan Utyasheva born a long-awaited daughter, Sophia. The girl became the second joint child of the star couple – a little girl has an older brother Robert. Needless to say how happy the kids give to their parents. Paul and Rosie don’t get tired of sharing with fans of funny events in the life of a beloved heirs. The famous showman told that the girl is already showing interest in gymnastics.

      “Mom and dad promise to buy for her daughter rose wanted as long as you can keep away from gymnastics,” wrote Will in microblog and published a photo, which captured a sneakers, children’s guitar, a thermos and wrap.

      Fans fully agreed with the opinion of Paul in his reasoning about the pink color. They also suggested that the famous worthy change grows – known mom can bring out girls a great gymnast.

      “Yes, Yes, exactly! I also thought of some other color, not pink. But in the end half of everything pink, because the most beautiful reason pink”, “Almost impossible to find something for a girl not pink”, “Grow another worthy gymnast,” wrote members in the microblog.

      However, while the girl is still too young to talk about if she wants to tie their future with big-time sports. Recently Will told about the joyous event in the life of their daughter Sophia took her first independent steps.

      “It’s the first one which was made by my daughter Sophia. Also today, she went. Itself, without a handle, without help. Good luck, daughter. Walk tall, dear, and daddy’s hairy legs will walk around if you have time for your quick young feet. With God, beautiful! A great day,” – wrote in the social network humorist.

      Despite the fact that the parents talk a lot about their heirs, are still the public has not seen them. Rosie and Paul carefully concealed the children from the scrutiny of journalists and followers in the social network and the photos show only a part of the kids body. Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva for the first time showed the son

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