Годовалая дочь Бородиной и Омарова повеселилась на первой вечеринке Charming Theon turned one year old. For this reason Xenia and media decided to organize a festive event which brought together family and friends. To congratulate the baby came Daria Pynzar, Elena Bushina, Elena Temnikova, Kate Susan, and many others.

      Thursday, December 22, TV presenter Ksenia Borodina and her husband Kurban Omarov celebrated the birthday of his daughter Teona. Charming baby was a year old. The event, organized with the assistance of Anna young Goradia visited Darya and Sergey Pynzar, Elena Temnikova, Kate Susan, Elena Bushina, Natalia Pushkina, Natalia Alai and many others.

      Teona and her friends were in seventh heaven. The children found themselves in a real fairy tale and took part in fun contests and plenty of dancing under incendiary music. Their parents, too, were delighted with the party. They were happy to keep company to the heirs, took many pictures and gave us gifts of little Theon. Ksenia Borodina and her husband tried their best to show daughter how much they love her.

      One of the most interesting events of the evening was the flash mob “Dummy challenge”, during which all the guests and leading businessman froze, like a child at the game “the Sea worries time”. “We tried,” he shared in his microblog Ksenia.

      Subscribers Borodina found that the holiday Teona was a success. They joined in the congratulations of guests and celebrities wished the girl the best. “Let the Princess grows into a beautiful and, most importantly, is healthy”, “Fun well done”, “wow, I love your family”, “Cool”, “wow, you’re awesome”, “Cool”, “keep it up”, “Great work” — discussing social media users.

      It should be noted that the birthday celebration little one began early in the morning. First Eid wrote a touching post dedicated to Theon, and then his greetings were with and the Xenia.

      “Our General in the skirt, all circling around you like your favorite song. My daughter, exactly a year ago at 14:57 you came into the world, so easy, so fast, helped me not to suffer, and for that special thank you. But even if I had to go through a big meal, I would be willing to do anything to hear your sonorous voice, your demanding voice, to which the strict mom (that’s me) can’t resist and breaks into a smile. I love you very much, someday you will read this letter to you. Maroussia, for example, reads congratulations, and you teach. Daddy and I love you very much, brother and sister adore you, raduy us every day, we are ready to obey you in future,” admitted Borodin.