Ярмольник объяснил поведение Малышевой проблемами с психикой Animal rights activists continue to condemn teledoctor for the phrase about shooting stray dogs. Sharp statement the presenter has led many of her colleagues in bewilderment. So, Leonid Yarmolnik called Elena Malysheva “creepy”.
Ярмольник объяснил поведение Малышевой проблемами с психикой

Elena Malysheva was at the center of the scandal. Day after day, in discussing the statement of the presenter, which she did in the program “Live healthy!” on March 29. Commenting on the news of the attack on the flock of four-legged people in the Istra district of the Moscow region, the star said that stray dogs “should be shot”.

Elena Malyshev require to prosecute

Animal rights activists protested the words Malysheva and created a petition to bring a celebrity to criminal liability. According to them, the TV star let myself completely invalid statement. Among those who condemned the act of leading, appeared and her peers Leonid Yarmolnik. The artist strongly disagrees with the words Malysheva.

“I think she must have gone mad. We know it for many years, terribly sorry that such a prestigious and beloved TV host said such a terrible thing. I think she should, I think, to refute his statement, or to explain that it is something else meant, because it’s actually horror. She does not like. This incredible folly. Maybe she got carried away, I don’t know,” said Yarmolnik during the conversation with journalists.
Ярмольник объяснил поведение Малышевой проблемами с психикой

Speaking about the petition to a number of recipients, including the leadership of the First channel, the actor stated that he has no plans to sign this appeal. First Yarmolnik I would like to hear the explanation from the Malysheva.

The actor added that he believes the star professional. Therefore, the incident he was unpleasantly surprised. Leonid Yarmolnik hopes that Malyshev will not insist on his words. “This is against the current morals and are against the morals of normal society and normal people,” he explained.

Critically about the famous TV presenter spoke and the singer Julian. The artist remembered other times when Malysheva been at the center of public attention. Recent ice Elena the contractor regards as outrageous.

“Live healthy, but without Malysheva and its calls for murder and violence. For a long time for her crying prison and the sixth chamber. Propaganda is deadly vaccinations, feminine pads on the eyes and nose, the tea in the condoms… But the last live was killed on the spot… “Dogs should be shot, and no human rights activists should not interfere”, – says this mouth on the First channel…” – said Julian with journalists.

Between the the Elena Malysheva commented on the eve of the prosecution in calling for cruelty to animals. The presenter made clear that it did not intend to discuss this topic. According to Malysheva, now she’s busy with other, more important things.

“You know, I just returned yesterday from Kemerovo. If you don’t think about anything, then do this. I think, in the country, which killed 43 children, it’s time to protect the dogs that killed the young man,” said TV presenter correspondents.

According to the materials of Russia Today, NSN and “Interlocutor”.