Янина Студилина поделилась рецептом, помогающим сохранить молодость
Star of the TV series “the Island” received valuable advice from the beautician.

Photo: TNT

The beauty Yanina Studilina pays the most serious attention. “I am, in principle, not prone to
fullness, — says the actress. But there is always something that you can pump up
or decrease”.

Star of the TV series “the Island” washes with cold water, huge Breakfast porridge
drink lots of water. Raising willpower trying not to eat sweets and burgers, but
tucks into healthy salad (for which the native called her “herbivore”)… Loves
Pilates, aerobics and dancing. It is often asked, what creams she uses, Janina says: “If you went to bed late, whatever you do with your face, nothing
help. No matter — for a thousand rubles you have a cream or 10 thousand. That is
the first thing to do is to sleep”. A second condition is to look at
the opinion of Studilina sensible cleansing of the face after filming with makeup, followed
use nourishing and moisturizing creams.

However, the main actress
considers the third condition, which Janine told the cosmetologist. “Somehow
I asked: how to stay young?” And the reply was categorical: “Not
to sunbathe!”

That’s why, a few months
straight acting in the TV series “the Island”, where she almost all the time needed to walk to
swimsuits, t-shirts and shorts, the actress has always enjoyed the greatest protection
from the sun +50 and over immediately wore a hat with a wide brim.

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