Yanina Studilina heavily experienced separation with his daughter

Янина Студилина тяжело пережила разлуку с дочерью
Actress Yanina Studilina became famous after starring in the TV series “the Island”, which airs on TNT.

Янина Студилина тяжело пережила разлуку с дочерью

More than a year ago Ioannina for the first time became a mother and very quickly able to regain his former form. In a recent interview she recalled how she had to leave the little girl to get shooting.

Янина Студилина тяжело пережила разлуку с дочерью

“It was very difficult. I consulted with a doctor, but I was convinced that the separation at such an early age for the child will not stress if you leave milk. My mother was very supportive, helped flew. So Anya was surrounded by relatives, with her husband, mom, dad, no stranger, no nannies. Called me every day, told how he eats and falls asleep. I was more worried. The doctor said that since six months, the baby differently reacts to the separation from my mother. Now I don’t leave her even for a day. To leave home is very hard without her,” says the actress.

Recently Studilina told how he lost weight after birth, in recognition of a young mother, she just didn’t let myself relax even during pregnancy, so quickly recovered.

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