Yanina Studilina complained about the difficulties of motherhood

Янина Студилина пожаловалась на трудности материнства The actress gave birth to a daughter in late December of last year. Yanina Studilina gave his wife the daughter Anna. For the first time in a month and a half, the actress decided to speak about the little girl and ask the fans Council.

      Actress Yanina Studilina at the end of last year for the first time became a mother. She gave her husband Alexander Rodnyansky youngest daughter Anna. “StarHit” first reported that the couple are expecting a baby. Now the actress is enjoying the happiness of motherhood and very rarely indulges fans with the news of the life of the girl, apparently wishing to avoid the attention of the public. However, Studilina decided to talk about the difficulties she faced in her new role. Yanina Studilina for the first time became a mother

      “We are now in new Jersey, USA, winter here is unpredictable, yesterday it was hot, +16, and today the snow and everything is closed because of the snow storm…So we’re at home. All said that kids sleep well after walking and swimming, and here we stayed up until four in the morning. When you kids began to sleep well at night? And as he taught them to the regime?” asked Studilina to more experienced moms.

      Fans immediately rushed tips to Ioannina. They said that every child is different, so she need not worry and worry. “We have a regime of three months is established, Sonny told himself when he’s sleepy. We need to watch for signs of fatigue and gradually all will enter into the mode, good luck”, “it All depends on the child, all children are unique. Therefore, councils are not relevant here. The only thing we, too, become more energetic after swimming, and Hiking, so I try to swim two hours before bedtime. Mode it is necessary to build together and under your features,” “We in two months began to sleep peacefully at night. And taught just – bathed first, then massage and on the side. And now,” shared the experience of the subscribers will Studilina.

      Also, the actress told followers that only yesterday first went for a walk with my daughter. Despite the fact that our daughter is a little over a month, a pediatrician was recently allowed to receive the child in the fresh air. Janina listened to the advice of a specialist and did not dare to go outside with the little Anna without approval.