Янина Студилина после несчастного случая отказалась от народных средств
Star of the TV series “the Island” told of a failed experiment.

Photo: TNT

After the filming of this popular series Yanina Studilina said, “I have a new appreciation for the properties of coconut oil: at night
smear the face and go to bed. In the morning, the skin is just silk!”. The actress says that in extreme heat the main problem was fast-drying skin and hair, so along with colleagues, she even used the oil as a moisturizer and as a hair mask.

Among the most favorite recipes
Studilina for skin care body — sugar-salt peeling, which is taken
coconut or olive oil. The skin then becomes just velvet! “Sorry,
I can’t apply this part: I somehow is allergic
reaction”, — says the actress.

And one of the most effective means of facial Yanina considered literate
cleansing after filming with makeup, and uses only the most expensive and nutritious
moisturizing creams. Alas, after an incident in the family, she prefers not
to use folk remedies.

“My mother once read about
magic properties of mayonnaise, smeared face — and got the real burn. It was just awful! — told
actress. — Maybe it’s in the past such procedures were useful when mayonnaise was made from
natural ingredients. And now it’s a solid chemistry, though tasty,
of course.”

About nutrition care
hair, sports training, and other beauty secrets Ioannina Studilina read here.

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