Яна Захарова узнала имя подруги Дмитрия Губерниева
“Miss Fashion TV Russia”, as well as author and host of own’s youtube channel News TV Stars Yana Zakharova Dmitry Guberniev spoke at the Annual all-Russian award “Graduates-2019”.

Яна Захарова узнала имя подруги Дмитрия Губерниева

Dmitry was in good spirits, joked and even flirted with Jana, admitting that as a child dreamed that such beautiful girls were interviewing him. It happened so life is good.

In the Wake of positive province confessed that his first love’s name was Lena Lukyanova, but at the crucial moment, when at the prom, he planned to bring relations to a new level, she broke off, saying that he likes athletes. The story is not ended and a few years ago he met her and her mom.

And Dmitry explained why with the growth of 195 sm looked like a dick and taught Jan a lesson of journalism.

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