Яна Захарова запустила собственное шоу
All have long been accustomed to see Yana Zakharova with a microphone in his hands on the iconic Moscow party.

Яна Захарова запустила собственное шоу

But “Miss Fashion TV Russia” Yana Zakharova decided not to limit myself to a short interview with the stars at social events and it was time to move to a new level and make your own show.

The first lucky man who John took a great interview, became a leading LikeNews Like FM presenter, singer and actor acne Tinsel.

Яна Захарова запустила собственное шоу

In conversation it turned out that, according to Vitalik urgently needs to change on the radio as he picks up his clothes that he considers the best investment, and much more.

The interview was interesting and if this thing goes on, the show Yana Zakharova could compete with the show the same Nastya Ivlievu.

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