Yana Troyanova spoke about the changes in their lives

Яна Троянова рассказала о переменах в своей жизни
The actress has admitted that recently her referred to by another name.

Яна Троянова рассказала о переменах в своей жизни

Yana Troyanova

Photo: TNT

Yana Troyanova, known to the audience for the films “land of Oz” and
“Kokoko”, starred in the series “Olga” on TNT. The first season of the show on TNT was with
a resounding success, so the decision was made to remove the second
season, the shooting of which is now going in full swing.
The actress admitted that her life changed after the show “Olga”.

when I met with the producers, when they decide whether to go with me on this
the series, not to go, and when I finally do decide, the more that the producers
I was promised that this would be a good level (and they like real men,
kept his word), I have then said, “It will be popular gitara”. It
was a great statement, and so funny they began to spit, knock on
the tree, and I said knock, not knock, and will be a popular hit. Now
even strangers on the street sometimes turn to me: “Olga,” says Troyanova. — So
I’m happy first, that I was right, and secondly, what we did with the team
nice job. We really plowed real impact of all these things, and
love. That’s the result. When you make love, the result is always very
good. So I’m happy. It’s true.”

the characters of the series “Olga”

Photo: TNT

We Will Remind, Olga —
this is a new Comedy series for TNT, in which the main character performed by Yana
Troyanova has two children from
different marriages, take care of his father-an alcoholic and trying to establish privacy.
Eldest daughter Ann is a student at a vocational school, thinks she’s the only sane member
family and in her life everything will be different, the youngest son of Timothy, whose father returned
the first family in Azerbaijan, believes that he is a man, although he is only
11 years, Olga’s father, a former football player, drinks hard and is constantly lying, and the sister
Lena tries to live at the expense of men, mostly married. Forever saving
relatives of trouble, Olga live the life of others and rarely thinks about himself
— until it is not in love with a young and positive the truck driver
“Ritual” Gregory.