Yana Troyanova saved a friend from the maniac

Яна Троянова спасла подругу от маньяка Today, February 12, the actress is 45 years old. College stars of the series “Olga” I remembered a story that happened to them while studying at the University. The girls had to get away from a man armed with a knife.
Яна Троянова спасла подругу от маньяка

At the end of the 90 prestigious universities were few, and wishing to obtain higher education, on the contrary, a huge amount. The star of the series “Olga” Yana Troyanova took six years to become a student of theatrical University. But to play on the stage she dreamed of since middle school. After five unsuccessful audition for a drama Department in 24 years Ian has applied the philosophical faculty of the Ural state University. The girl took. But the heart wants what it wants. He defended the “excellent” diploma according to Freud, she again went to conquer the creative Institute. This time, luck smiled at her.

However, after a year, Troyanova took the documents and went to work in the theater. It is now one of the most popular contemporary Actresses. On the eve of the anniversary – today, February 12, she will be 45 years – “StarHit” tracked down the classmate-star Anna Udovenko, who said that in addition to knowledge in Institute of Jan acquired and the skills of self-defense.

“We studied together since 1999. Both entered the correspondence Department of the faculty of philosophy. Classes in the University were not enough, therefore, seen mainly only during the sessions. When Ian learned that our house next door, offered to prepare for exams together. For these few weeks to be able to calmly deal, Troyanova moved out from my parents, leaving them with a young son. Mom and dad didn’t mind, especially Jan long put it into a separate living space, moonlighting in the restaurant…
Яна Троянова спасла подругу от маньяка

Remember, come the first day to visit yanque, and she sits at the table in the kitchen and my ear to the receiver attached. My specific intention was to ask from the doorway, saying, where is the crib going to hide to be safe? And she answer me: “Hush, Anka! I translate the song”. It turns out that Troyanova has set a goal to learn English. Tutors money was not. That had a foreign language to master on their own – from books yeah songs from radio stations.

In the afternoon I studied English, but we were prepared to surrender. Learn the subject, secondinterval, posadae each other questions, you see – and the morning. And the day before the exam in ancient philosophy decided to take a break – the brain refused to accept the information, and the like and feel confident. Janka suggested to go to the Park, a barbecue and sunbathe.

The forest was near the house. Found free clearing, spread out a blanket and lay down to bask in the sun. Talking, not bothering anyone, and suddenly heard a male voice: “Girls, you can meet you?”We were scared. Open our eyes, we see a man, 50 years old, well dressed in leather jacket, jeans. Politely asked him to leave, but he continued to try to communicate. We do, of course, strained. And when Ian suddenly discovered that behind his back he holds a knife, scared is not a joke.
Яна Троянова спасла подругу от маньяка

To me it is about the terrible opening said nothing. Troyanova always had a, not so panicked and quickly began to pack. Suddenly the stranger grabbed her arm, whispering something in a hoarse voice. Then the friend realized that it was time to defend himself, punched a man bag in the face. I looked at what is happening with his mouth open, speechless. Uncle opened his hand, and drew back. Seeing that the abuser is at a loss, Troyanova shoved him and for effect gave in the groin with his foot. The man fell and cried loudly from the pain. Realizing that this is the best moment for escape, gave tear. I think I in your life so quickly swept on the road. It was so scary that we never looked back. Flew into the apartment, the door to all the locks closed down, both shaking. Nervous half the night could not sleep.

And the next morning went to the exam – it has not been canceled. It is good that the University was across the street, not so bad to leave the house. Show up sleepy, exhausted. The boys sarcastically said, “Girls, why are you so battered, as if someone was chasing you all night?”Those jokers… And with both of us at that time lucky – caught what was taught. As a result, the record books were 4 and 5!»