Yana Troyanova remembered the son who committed suicide

Яна Троянова вспомнила сына, совершившего самоубийство
Actress Yana Troyanova, who played the main character in the TV series “Olga”, one experienced a terrible tragedy.

Яна Троянова вспомнила сына, совершившего самоубийство

At the age of twenty, her son committed suicide. Recently Ian remembered the last meeting with the heir.

“I believe that I’m always talking universe. Straight after my son died. He was twenty years old… the day Before I felt that urgent need to go to him in Ekaterinburg. I just was released, because the film ended. This was before the New year. And Vasya had every chance not to fly – the airports were Packed with people for three days we sat and waited. But Sigarev miraculously got tickets. Sure, we are the son of heaven has arranged this meeting so we said our goodbyes,” said Ian.

Young people addicted to drugs in contact with bad company, and this was his undoing.

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