Yana Troyanova of the victims: “I cried reading the script of the series “Olga”

Яна Троянова о жертвах: «Я плакала, читая сценарий сериала «Ольга» Today starts the second season of the popular sitcom. The main role was played by the actress Yana Troyanova. The celebrity shared his emotions that he felt while working on a painting.
Яна Троянова о жертвах: «Я плакала, читая сценарий сериала «Ольга»

Tonight on the TNT channel will premiere the second season of the series “Olga”. Fans look forward to the continuation of the story of a strong woman who herself had to cope with life’s difficulties. Actress Yana Troyanova was so sorry for his character that, while working on the sitcom, she couldn’t hold back the tears.

“When I read the script of the second season, I sometimes even cried! So my character is heavily torn and sacrifices himself, ruining his life. It raises a few questions: should she? And whether it is necessary for her family? But is it right? Yes, of course, it is interesting to observe. I’m sure the audience will empathize, – said Jan. – Many wrote that they were pleased with the appearance of Olga on the screens — has long lacked such a character. It is called — a real Russian woman. After the first season I received a lot of feedback, including from children who wrote that he would like a mother like Olga”.

On the eve of the premiere of Yana Troyanova and TNT staged a flash mob in social networks. She suggested to my colleagues to talk about weaknesses. Many successful women are without scruple admitted to fans in the hardships of life.

Leading “House-2” Ksenia Borodina told about what was working seven days a week, and therefore does not have time to spend much time with children. Olga Buzova told about loneliness and Laysan utiasheva remembered an old injury where she had to abandon high heel shoes. Troyanova has thanked the users of the Network because they took part in the flashmob. Strength in weakness: loneliness Buzova, the hardships Borodina and injuries Utyasheva

“Davoli thanks for the support! And participation in the flashmob #Asilinae. Together we will break! I – power! We are the power! “Olga” – it is force! TNT – the power! We will break!” – wrote the actress in the microblog.

The plot of the series, Olga – a single mother, which “drags” the rest of the family: raising children with different men and take care of his father-the alcoholic. She dreams of simple female happiness and manages to go on dates, hoping to meet his fate.

“Go into a burning hut, and stop a galloping horse is all about my heroine Olga. And she’ll do anything for his family. As if they themselves were not, what would be the misconduct did not commit. And once loves, helps, protects and preserves. She does not ask herself — how to take it all out, she just decides and does. In our series, all as in ordinary life, the weak one who does not like” – describes the character of Jan.

New season starts today, the fourth of September, at 20:00 on TNT.