Yana Troyanova is planning to adopt a child from the orphanage

Яна Троянова планирует усыновить ребенка из детского дома The actress came to the Studio of the program “the invisible Man”. Yana Troyanova on a talk show spoke about hatred of the mother about the family curse and how she almost died after the death of their only son. Presenter Evelina Bledans cried after the revelations of the actress.

Yana Troyanova caught the fancy of thousands of viewers after the release of the series “Olga”. The actress is in demand and desirable for many filmmakers. However, the fate of the artist was a series of misfortunes and tragedies.

The experts show “the invisible Man” told the details of his personal life Troyanova. The actress openly spoke about the difficult childhood, of ancestors, of the death of the only heir and how he had struggled with alcoholism.

“I’m a major noble family of the poles. When the Bolsheviks came, they raped the noblewomen. And my great-grandfather to his wife is not defiled, decided to kill her… to hide the traces, he had to dismember her and bury at our estate,” said Troyanova.

The actress said that her family no relative did not die of old age, all barely lived to 63 years. “Men are not accustomed in our family. Women, I saw the birth certificate, died of lung cancer. No matter Smoking or non-Smoking,” added John.

The artist remembered that mom loved Mama. According to Troyanova, the woman had given birth and began raising her daughter. In Yana was watched by the grandmother, but she died from cancer.

“Mom was young, she had musician, who generally do not need anything in this life. I was always thrown to the grandmother, but she died when I was 5 years old. I now realize that I loved Mama and she loved that as she could. I’m starting with 5 years, all of his kin are buried,” – shared the star of the movie.

Troyanova has admitted that her first marriage was nearly destroyed. The actress was married to a very hard person, she got pregnant in high school. Mother of the artist insisted on the wedding.

“I registered in the children’s room of militia was, was very active. I’ve created a world of magic, it was and movies and tales. I read a lot,” recalled the actress.

Yana can not without tears, to remember the first marriage. In her confession, the husband of Constantine Shirinkin responsible for the death of her only son Nicholas.

“I got pregnant, it was my friend. In 17 years I couldn’t with this situation to cope alone. Married. I got killed in her husband’s family. I do believe that my first husband ruined the attitude of his son. He said when he was little: “I’m going to kill daddy.” This genus, to which I thundered, for marriage, to any woman, God forbid, to survive. It was violence and destruction of me. I have a child hanged himself in 20 years. He failed, I understand why he did it. These genes, they haunted him, they guy was carrying down, he flew with such speed…”, – told Troyanova.

After the death of the only heir, the actress was in the stress which led her to alcoholism.

“At some point I went to the roof, and I began to thump. Once I fell, smashed his head. I picked up from a puddle of blood,” – said the artist.

Troyanova admitted that her husband saved the last Director Vasily Sigarev. This man helped Yana to become a star. At the end of the programme the actress told Evelina Bledans that wants kids. Perhaps the artist will take the child from the orphanage.

“I think about it. I want to love and love to share. I really want to live and help people. Especially mothers who have buried their children,” shared Troyanova.