Yana Troyanova: “I was saved by Anna Mikhalkov”

Яна Троянова: «Меня спасла Аня Михалкова»
The actress told how Anna helped her in the difficult period of life.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

In the life of Yana Troyanova there were many difficult periods. Suffice it to say that the profession of the actress, she had dreamed of since childhood, Troyanova came only at the age of 29 years. But a few years ago, the family of the actress was a real tragedy — in Ekaterinburg ended the life of her 20-year-old son. And it happened after Ian has played a major role in the film “to Live”. The main idea of this picture is that we can’t give up, no matter what horrible surprises you didn’t plant fate.

“It turned out that “to Live” — it was the message itself, says Troyanova. — I believe that to me the universe is always talking. Straight after my son died. He was twenty years old… the day Before I felt that urgent need to fly to him in Ekaterinburg. I just was released, because the film ended. This was before the New year. And Vasya and me, (husband of the actress. Approx. ed.) had every chance not to fly — the airports were Packed with people for three days we sat and waited. But Sigarev miraculously got tickets. Sure, we are the son of heaven organized this meeting, so we said goodbye.”

After the death of his son Ian was on the verge of despair: “When children go before their parents, no words what it is. But I had not to die behind him, go and live… just like my heroine, I had to start eating, to do the first steps again to learn to talk with the world. First, not very successful. How was the shooting of the next film, “Kokoko”, I do not remember. Was not yet right. I just remember Anna Mikhalkov, who said, “Kitty, I’m here”. She saw now that something terrible was going to start at Troyanova and the entire team will suffer. And came: “Cat, but come on we’re gonna be invisible. And let’s we go to eat delicious desserts”. Anya — simply a genius. Big man, big actress. She saved me and kept in… And in the evening after filming Anya passed me VAS Sigaretu. He’s with me he moved to St. Petersburg for the whole shooting period. Bob was always ready with a delicious dinner: rice, some noodles, something else. I wondered, “Where did you learn?” — “The moon”. Believe it or not, all that is needed for the sick person to him in time fed and put to bed. I say cynical things, but it’s true… the main thing is to get through the first three years. It is very important to have a number of close friends. No need to shun and psychologists. The first three years you’re a zombie, sick, dead people. This confirms psychology, and so say the clergy. And then something changes. The Bible says: be comforted crying. And here I have remained on this earth and I can say: it is not for us to decide who goes when. You need to let go of the past, to say: “Come, we’ve lived together as long as we have been given”. And to have the courage to live on. “Live” is a luxurious word.”

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