Yana Troyanova has compared himself to the Hollywood actress

Яна Троянова сравнила себя с голливудской актрисой Actress loved by many viewers after the release of the Comedy “Olga”. Troyanova has received many awards for shooting in this sitcom. Fans admire not only the talent of the actress, but her appearance.
Яна Троянова сравнила себя с голливудской актрисой

Yana Troyanova has become very popular after the release of the Comedy series “Olga”. The actress often posts personal photos on Instagram. The star shares with fans the facts of his biography. This time Ian posted a net frame with a professional photo session made many years ago.

“And here I am 24 and I have a photo shoot at a modeling Agency. But I was very shy, I was very shy. And now. Do I really look like Scarlett Johansson?” asked Troyanova subscribers.

Fans marveled by the beauty of the young actress. Fans have left many positive comments about the stars.

“This is Scarlett Johansson like you,” “Beautiful, young Ian. At any age, look great”, “sister Scarlett, just, Copy, Scarlett,” said fans of the actress.

Troyanova – winner of many international competitions and festivals in the film industry. In 2009 the artist received the prize for best female role in the film, his wife of Vasily sigareva “Gyroscope” at “Kinotavr”. Last year Ian was awarded the National prize of film critics and the film press “White elephant” in the nomination “Best female lead”.

Despite the success in career, in personal life of the popular favorite happened a few tragic events. Troyanova was married twice. First husband, artist Konstantin Shirinkin died in 2004, in the Union of Jan gave birth to the only heir of Nicholas. Seven years ago a young man committed suicide. As recognized by sister Troyanova, the young man got in bad company, got addicted to drugs and alcohol. Yana Troyanova had a presentiment of the death of his son

“I believe that I’m always talking universe. Straight after my son died. He was twenty years old… the day Before I felt that urgent need to go to him in Ekaterinburg. I just was released, because the film ended. This was before the New year. And Vasya had every chance not to fly – the airports were Packed with people for three days we sat and waited. But Sigarev miraculously got tickets. Sure, we are the son of heaven has arranged this meeting so we can say goodbye,” – said Troyanova in an interview.

Second husband of the actress was mentioned above playwright and film Director Vasily Sigarev. With him, the actress is happy to this day. Troyanova loves nephew: she sometimes publishes family photos with Plato and Mary.