Yana Troyanova had a presentiment of the death of his son

Яна Троянова предчувствовала гибель сына The actress recalled how the last time he saw Kolya. Troyanova was busy filming, but she realized that she needed to urgently fly to his hometown of Ekaterinburg. The star of the show Olga managed to see the heir shortly before his suicide.

The star of the show Olga Yana Troyanova from personal experience know what it’s like to lose loved ones. The viewers who are watching the picture with the actress, celebrating her talent and spontaneity. The woman manages to convey on the screen the pain that people experience. In particular, in the film “to Live” she played the heroine who survived the loss of a loved one. According to Troyanova, this film has become a message itself.

 The star of the show Olga Yana Troyanova lost son

“I believe that I’m always talking universe. Straight after my son died. He was twenty years old… the day Before I felt that urgent need to go to him in Ekaterinburg. I just was released, because the film ended. This was before the New year. And Vasya had every chance not to fly – the airports were Packed with people for three days we sat and waited. But Sigarev miraculously got tickets. Sure, we are the son of heaven has arranged this meeting so we said our goodbyes,” said Ian.

We will remind, the son of the star committed suicide. As recognized by sister artist Elena, the young man got in bad company and started using drugs. According to relatives Troyanova, a stake appeared in the genes of the father. The man drank a lot and had behaved inappropriately towards the close.

After the death of the heir Troyanova believed that life stopped. The woman is completely plunged into work to distract from heavy thoughts.

“When children go before their parents, no words what it is. But I had not to die behind him, go and live… just like my heroine, I had to start eating, to do the first steps again to learn to talk with the world,” recalls Troyanova.

In that difficult period, the actress starred in the film “Kokoko”. Yana confessed in an interview with “7 days” vague recollection of working on the film. In her memory left kind words Anna Mikhalkova, which has supported the colleague and helped to cope with emotions in critical moments. Besides, her second husband Vasily Sigarev was concerned that Ian ate and slept. Only three years later, the celebrity was able to realize that you must let go of the departed and move on.