Яна Троянова воспитывает детей от разных браков
The actress made her debut in the TV series “Olga” on TNT.

Yana Troyanova

Photo: TNT

Yana Troyanova, known to the audience for the films “land of Oz” and “Kokoko”,
starred in the series “Olga” on TNT. To congratulate
actress debut gathered all the crew of the show in the cinema “Wick”.

“Olga” is a new Comedy series for TNT, in which the main
the heroine performed by Yana Troyanova has two children from different marriages,
take care of his father-an alcoholic and trying to establish privacy. The eldest daughter
Anka studying in the vocational school, thinks she’s the only sane member of the family and its
life will be different, the youngest son of Timothy, whose father returned to the first
family in Azerbaijan, believes that he is a man, although he is only 11 years old
Olga’s father, a former football player, drinks hard and is constantly lying, and my sister Lenka
trying to live at the expense of men, mostly married. Forever saving relatives
of trouble, Olga live the life of others and rarely thinks about himself — until
yet it did not fall in love young and positive driver of the Gazelle “Ritual”

“I know all about what is happening in the “Olga”. This is my
country, my neighbors, my friends, my parents, that — I — said
actress. — It will be the coolest
popular series, I assure you. Look at me!”

Watch the Comedy series “Olga” from the 5th of September at 20:00
Monday to Thursday on TNT!

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