Яна Рудковская удивила формами, как у Ким Кардашьян
Businesswoman bragged about her firm thighs.

Yana Rudkovskaya

Photo: @rudkovskayaofficial (Instagram Yana Rudkovskaya)

The figure of Kim Kardashian for many years, continues to be a trend sought by many celebrities. Yana Rudkovskaya has an elegant shape, but even she sometimes wants to look like the world-famous star of the reality show. The day before she returned from holiday in the Maldives by posting a latest photo from the coast.

The picture shows Ian posing in such a way as to demonstrate the shape as Kim. She sits with her back to the camera showing off a wasp waist and curvy hips. Someone of the subscribers, however, did not believe Rudkovskaya and caught her in photoshop. “Yes, the picture is perfect, but in reality it is not so impressive,” write Joanna.

However, Rudkovskaya tries to capitalize. Even on vacation she did not relax, but worked. During the trip Ian has gained 30 million hits on Instagram, which will greatly improve the rating of its microblog and bring even more revenue from advertising. Most viewed became famous publication “rubric Rudkovskaya Breakfast”. In addition, the vacation her husband Evgeny Plushenko and his son Alexander opened the first ice rink in the Maldives, having received from the participating dividends.