Yana Rudkovskaya was accused of using photoshop

Яну Рудковскую уличили в использовании фотошопа
Famous producer not really a fair social media fans.

Яну Рудковскую уличили в использовании фотошопа

Photo: Instagram

Yesterday in Moscow took place the opening of the European Championship on figure skating. This is a serious sporting event held in our country for the second time, but the previous one was already 50 years ago! Special celebrity guests of the event were Evgeny and Alexander Plushenko, who performed at the opening show together. Yana Rudkovskaya, a happy wife and mother, proudly sat on the VIP podium, waiting for her beloved boys will join her, and together they will be able to watch the opening ceremony.

I must say, the press was filming Mrs. Rudkovskaya not less than the stars of figure skating. Not without solemn self. It is because of them Rudkovskaya and began to suspect the excessive use of photoshop.

Photo: a frame from the channel

In early January Rudkovskaya celebrated its 43 anniversary. For her age she looks just fine! And as for her figure — slender waist, high Breasts and perfect legs, the envy of half the 20-year-old fashionistas in the country. But apparently, this little Joanna. All your photos in social networks it handles in special programs: evens skin tone, removes the mythical extra pounds, sometimes even changes the shape of the face! The latter is very clearly seen if we compare shots taken on the First channel event and the photo that appeared on Instagram of Sasha Plushenko (his, of course, leads Yana).

However, it is worth noting that the producer are very skillful in using photoshop. No picture is “floated”, as is often the case. And the face of the star remained “alive”, though freshened, and visually rejuvenated approximately 10 years.