Яна Рудковская завела охотничьих собак
The producer opted for German cops.

Yana Rudkovskaya

Photo: Instagram

Yana Rudkovskaya brought puppies of hunting breeds. Now in its
the house is home to Honda and Quinn breed pointers.

Kids walking in the woods
located near her suburban home, she decided to spend time with
use — to collect mushrooms. Because now in Moscow thanks to the warm and rainy weather went white!

not only managed to walk a two-month babies, but also boasts a quiet
catch. Producer hand-picked two big baskets of forest delicacies.

Rudkovskaya immediately put the mushrooms and puppies for
the page of the microblog. “Our Moscow St. Petersburg’s answer to the mushroom Eugene
Plushenko” — proudly signed photograph of the star.

By the way, quiet hunting “sick” by many celebrities. For example,
Egor Beroev not be imagined without this fascinating hobby. If any
the possibility of the actor leaving to rest in his house near Suzdal and enjoy
rustic rest: in summer, goes fishing, swims, walks on mushrooms.

the latter, he makes not only in the warm season. Somehow, walking through
frosty woods, the actor stumbled upon the mushrooms. And not on the frozen remnants of nobody
found in autumn and real winter mushrooms!

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