Яна Рудковская показала, как трудится в лесу Producer dispelled the speculation of fans that she has help. Yana Rudkovskaya independently collects mushrooms, not only in forest but in a private area. Their successes it demonstrated in the video.

      Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko has an unusual hobby. Every summer the wife collecting mushrooms. Moreover, they do so almost on an industrial scale. So, last season, the stars have collected a few tens of kilograms of mushrooms. Now they are ready to beat your record.

      Interestingly, looking at the huge baskets of crops on the photos of Yana, many followers began to doubt that she is working in the woods. Elegant and sophisticated image of a star does not fit with the time-consuming process. However, Rudkovskaya happily dons into the woods tracksuit and rubber boots if the weather is cloudy, preferring simple clothes luxury toilets from leading designers. And in the hot season it is clothed in a comfortable tunic dresses.

      “Who did not believe that we do collect mushrooms on its territory? Will soon post the final results! Girls, bring You all to the soup, mushrooms, who asked and waiting,” wrote Ian in the microblog.

      In the video, posted to Instagram, Jan engaged in the harvest. She cuts large white mushrooms and shows them clean legs, indicating the high quality of the product.

      Cool mushrooms and shoes you cool! Dolly”, “Just probably all had an idea of the extent of your territory”, “by the way, I didn’t either! Jan generally done – even on mushrooms walks stylishly and beautifully dressed”, “the Pleasure gather mushrooms, so happy when they find It! When you all have time?”, “There is nothing more beautiful than winter salty mushrooms, but the mushroom soup… We are in this season too in the blanks”, “All things are possible, just yesterday I read how the plot mushrooms to spread, very easy,” commented followers Rudkovskaya.

      It is noteworthy that in the harvest involved the whole family producer, including her husband Evgeny Plushenko and Sasha, and even two puppies, which the couple recently purchased.

      By the way, the Olympic champion skillfully combines home care and active exercise. Skater wants to return to the sport.

      Yana Rudkovskaja wife believes Superman

      “This is an incredibly difficult task. Besides Zhenya, nobody in the modern history of figure skating did not win medals in four Olympics, and then the fifth Olympic games! This needs to be overcome superhuman task, to not just go and stand there on the podium. He is the Superman. Therefore, to make any predictions I do not. But Jack can sometimes work miracles. To be honest, I always believed in his return. Especially for Sochi. It is not a question, whether will return the husband to the sport or not. More likely to ask: “if health can he do it?”, – said Rudkovskaya.

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