Яна Рудковская рассказала о жестких наказаниях младшего сына The producer of shared parenting of Sasha. According to Yana Rudkovskaya, sometimes she and her husband Evgeny Plushenko are strict in dealing with a child. Sasha confirmed that in extreme cases, he is beaten with a belt.

Yana Rudkovskaya not only a successful producer but also a caring mother. Her youngest son Sasha goes for figure skating, is engaged in the foreign languages and starred in advertising campaigns of famous brands. According to Rudkovskaya, all children need to be given in sport, exercise and develop stamina, and help to achieve good posture. He dreams of becoming a figure skater, like his famous father Evgeni Plushenko. The boy already has two medals, and he continues to train hard. Moreover, he doesn’t want to disappoint a famous figure skater.

“Eugene is an amazing father, very strict, but at the same time very fair. I hope that in the future he will help and Egor and Sasha in the men’s formation and career choice. And in General, the father of the boys, I think, gives more than mom. Especially when Sasha is at the Academy, where dad is the hero for all pupils,” says the wife of a Jan.

However, when Sasha starts to act up or to be stubborn, the parents try to explain to him why he is wrong, using some measures.

“Sasha is punished, when he’s being a bad boy. Pick up toys, put into a corner,” says the producer.

In an interview with reporters, the boy added that he is sometimes beaten with a belt. According to Rudkovskaya, Plushenko sometimes uses this method. Besides, sometimes they lock Sasha in a dark room.

“There he sits, in the closet, then behaves with the nurse or someone from the Academy,” explained Ian.

Many friends and acquaintances admire the style of the family Rudkovskaya. Itself star loves branded items. Some of the outfits she orders from abroad, and the other is in the collections of Russian designers. Little Sasha has a lot of expensive things, but there are also some budget brands.

“He says, will wear or not. And when there is a right of choice between the two, for example, a sneaker or two jackets, he decides: “I’ll wear it.” We were lucky, because all the world’s fashion houses themselves send him clothes, and we almost did not buy. We are pleased that we have him so in demand the boy” – says Yana in an interview with PEOPLETALK.