Yana Rudkovskaya put on beach dress Valentino

Яна Рудковская надела на пляж платье Valentino

Star producer and Plushenko’s wife brought to the Maldives a considerable portion of his dressing room.

Arranging a Grand film premiere Bilan and several secular parties, previously flew on vacation.

Producer together with Plushenko and his three sons went to the Maldives and now we are sharing with the fans sun cards. But subscribers more interested in not landscapes Paradise Islands, and the magnificent figure Rudkovskaya and… outfits.

“What is your dress! You all Luggage with its beauty failed, and men only swimming trunks? But seriously, your outfits is a work of art!” – enthusiastically commented fans Rudkovskaya.

Looks like I did Ian took with him a considerable portion of his dressing room. Besides different colorful swimsuits of Jan showed a gorgeous gown from the latest collection by Valentino.

Toilet from flowing fabric with multi-layer skirt was embroidered in the form of shells and corals. It is worth noting, amid a tropical landscape it looked very harmonious. One thing: the ladies have noticed that after wet sand outfit can be ruined.

Rudkovskaya but it is hardly embarrassing. After all, the outfits she rarely walks more than once or twice.

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