Яна Рудковская худеет на экстремальной диете

Glamorous producer and wife of the famous figure skater to lose weight, drinking a kefir.

Girls usually reluctant to share the secrets of beauty and attractiveness. Like, why is to know the potential competitors? Yana Rudkovskaya contrary to stereotypes willingly told how she manages to keep in shape and get rid of excess weight. All in… yogurt.

Yana spoke in detail about the mode of “counting” power is your friend, and that, in turn, put a method into the Network.

“This diet helped me lose weight after the first and the second birth, – Yana speaks. The first day you need to drink only a yogurt, you can lose from 1 kg to 1,5 kg. the Second day: yogurt and, if you really want to eat, you can make broth with egg and greens. Kefir drink as much as you want. Still will not drink much, a maximum of 1.5 lita I drink. You can make yogurt with herbs (dill). Get the soup. This is important, because you want some variety. The third day you can add more yogurt. The fourth day of yogurt, drinking yogurt and you can add regular yogurt, even with fruit, but not drinking, and the usual for a change. Fifth day: kefir, yogurt, and broth to the egg, ie, 3 times, for example, Breakfast includes yogurt, at lunch yogurt, or broth with egg, or, on the contrary, with lunch to change. The result: 5 kg to 6 kg in 5 days”.

Many followers Yana after this confession puzzled, why would she lose weight if she’s always in great shape. Others expressed distrust of this method and diets in principle, citing the fact that only sport can give a stable result.

Woman’s Day has gathered a few interesting star diets:

Natasha Koroleva, the singer:

Now tips on nutrition gives me Sergei (husband of the singer). He in this regard, a great experience. Clearly explains what to eat, when and how much. Breakfast includes cheese, yogurt, cereal with water (milk excluded a few years ago). After the first meal of the side dishes should be forgotten, consumed only proteins: meat, fish, poultry. Of course, not fried. However, there is food steamed for a long time. So indulge yourself grills. Another rescue – the slow cooker. Tasty and healthy. Instead of a side dish – salad. Eat often (6 – 7 times a day), but gradually. In the evening a collect containers with food for the next day. Even though it’s not easy, but can not escape. So it is necessary. Completely excluded from the diet the best part: dessert. We were all hooked on sugar. It everywhere a lot. Hence the huge number of diabetics. It is worth remembering that miracles do not happen, gobbling up the cakes to lose weight. Therefore, the refuse cakes, candy. But still please the body needs, so during training I pass on the dried fruits, honey, you can eat a piece of dark chocolate. You need to listen to your body. If it requires glucose, give it to him, but do not overdo it.

Anita Tsoi, the singer:

– Eat 5-6 small meals a day. And the body is so accustomed to this mode is that every two hours I feel a sense of hunger. The hardest part for me was to give up eating after 22:00. When I was a child, my family sat down to dinner later, when all the adults were returning from work. Eat something tasty, nutritious and under a working TV. And Unlearning this habit was very difficult. She to this day bothers me sometimes. I eat Breakfast is not very tight. I have enough small plates of oatmeal porridge on the water, seasoned with dried fruit and a spoon of honey. Meat and fish steamed, grill, coals or an open fire, baked in the oven or microwave. There are plenty of tasty dishes that are not fried in the oil. With a great location treat soups: vegetable, fish or meat broth. From salty food refused completely, though it was hard. I’m Korean, I like it hot. Of course, they can afford meals with salt at home, if the owners are not making anything diet. But still 80% of my diet – low fat, unsalted food. To keep the water in the body is not delayed, the pressure jumped, swelling was not. I need the stage to Shine, so this food is not for me. Sweets refused easily, they greatly disliked. But to indulge my own little piece of bacon with black bread and garlic, or, come to Uzbekistan to eat a small plate of pilaf. With the condition that the next day will make a discharge. Most importantly, there is slowly catching the buzz from the taste sensations. Usually in a hurry and happen to defoliation.

Larisa Verbitskaya, the TV presenter:

– Before Breakfast, just waking up, I drink a couple of cups of hot water. This is a great Ayurvedic technique is well cleanses the stomach and awakens the entire body. The Breakfast is modest and not rich. Usually porridge or scrambled eggs, tea with ginger, honey. Lunch – vegetables, meat or fish, a Cup of coffee. Dinner is not late and very modest. For many years I don’t eat bread, sausage, pastries, variety of desserts, salt, sugar.. the Family used to the separate power supply. In the diet of many vegetables, herbs. We love fruit , berries, cook all kinds of fruit drinks. To diversify the diet it is possible and it does not require expensive overseas products.

Bochkareva Natalia, the actress:

– Diet is personalized. One of my friends actress lost a lot of weight with the Dukan diet. I have too much to have tried, even the raw food diet at one time practiced. But now I try not to eat meat. Allow yourself a little bit, only when I cook it for a couple of children. Breakfast need to be sure that the body earned. I prefer to eat a couple of boiled eggs or omelette. I love porridge made with water. Lunch should depend on the degree of hunger, overeating is not necessary. Tip: eat soups. Not only in meat broth and vegetable. For example, minestrone. And the dinner should be light: vegetables or fish for a couple. Eliminate sweet in all its forms. It was hard at first to abandon cakes and sweets. But I quickly got used! Of course, the body is not a machine. Him, sometimes I want something tasty. But it is better to eat a piece of steak than a cake.

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