Yana Rudkovskaya left a nice message greeting son

Яна Рудковская оставила милое сообщение с поздравлением сыну
28 Jun birthday, said the son of the popular producer Yana Rudkovskaya from the ex-wife of Viktor Baturin.

Яна Рудковская оставила милое сообщение с поздравлением сыну

Nicholas celebrated the 15th anniversary. Ian decided to leave a touching message on Instagram to her son. She admitted she is proud of the success of his son and wishes him only success in the future.

“Happy Birthday, Kolya @n_baturin! This is the first serious date! 15 years! I wish you also to learn, to continue to play soccer and to make music! Your debut music video has already collected 700 thousand views in less than a month, your track Vlad @vladislav_ramm came in the top 5 of iTunes and Goggle Play on their own, without my help! I know that this is only the beginning of a difficult way to the musical Olympus, but I believe in you, you’re done! Stay always so good and real, we love you very much”, — congratulated the son Rudkovskaya.

It is worth noting that Nicholas about a month ago started to conquer show business, writing a song with former band members MBAND Vladislav Ramm.

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