Yana Rudkovskaya: Lazareva no competition at Eurovision

Яна Рудковская: у Лазарева нет конкурентов на «Евровидении»

14 may in Stockholm will host the final of “Eurovision”. And while the results are encouraging: after two semi-finals Sergey Lazarev is a clear favorite, his unusual room movement in space has already been called the most spectacular in the history of the competition. And in the world rankings iTunes Lazarev song “You Agay Оnly the Operator” after the first semi-final takes second place. That is why many believe that this year Russia has all the chances to win. It is also believed Yana Rudkovskaya, which knows how to conquer the European audience. She went to Eurovision in 2006 and 2008 with Dima Bilan in the capacity of producer.

“I have not all the finalists were able to watch. But of those I’ve seen, I think, no one is for Sergey danger, – expressed his opinion in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Yana Rudkovskaya. — Can be controversial to treat the song of Sergei, calling it too Euroformat specially written for a contest, but a room to discuss everything! For example, I talked with the Swiss and British experts who are very long are Eurovision fans, come every year to the competition. And they wrote to me: “Nothing can stop him from becoming this year’s winner!”

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Still, several strong competitors in the Lazarev is: in the first semi-final is remembered by many for the participant from Armenia Iveta Mukuchyan, among many bookmakers also betting on the French singer Amira, from his statement we will see only in the finals may 15. But Rudkovskaya and they do not see great danger.

“I was sure that Amir will be Sergei a great danger until he saw his room. And I can say: when there is superpesa and no number, the impression of the artist is lost. Yesterday I watched the charts and noticed that in Russia Amir has started from 26-th place for a second! It is clear that the French support all of our radio stations, that played foreign songs. Because it’s a hit. But, unfortunately, it’s a diamond in the rough. And it is clear that it is impossible to sell expensive stone, if he’s not nicely decorated. Serezha Lazarev, on the contrary – he has a great supername, absolutely not similar to the performances of other participants. Sergei easy beautiful room but also very difficult! Try to jump like he is on the stairs, don’t fall, and even sing clean.”

First results: what are the odds to win, in your opinion, Sergey Lazarev?

  • Stand in the top three: unlikely to allow Russia to win
  • Ukraine didn’t make the final, really put aside politics and appreciate the song? Then we have all the chances to win!
  • His room was the best, no doubt, will win!
  • Likely to be in the top five and win Netherlands
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