Yana Rudkovskaya: “Kerzhakov has offered his wife to resolve the conflict peacefully”

Яна Рудковская: «Кержаков предлагал жене решить конфликт мирно» The producer says: Milan itself deserted the child. Yana Rudkovskaya stood up for the footballer Alexander Kerzhakov, the day before his wife said that he kidnapped their son.
Яна Рудковская: «Кержаков предлагал жене решить конфликт мирно»

On the eve of Milan Kerzhakov said that her husband kidnapped her son. Now the young mother is forced to prove his sanity to see the baby. According to the daughter of the St. Petersburg Senator, a month ago, Alexander came to her country home and took one-year-old Artemis. The stars of Russian show business immediately came to the defense of Milan.

However, Yana Rudkovskaya says: this story is not so simple. According to the producer, Kerzhakov has offered his wife to resolve the issue peacefully.

“I could remain silent, but after thinking a night, can’t stay away! Does not allow my conscience and my civic and maternal position! Want to Milan, which I have repeatedly tried to help to solve peacefully with Sasha the conflict and to determine the place of residence of the child solely with the mother, next your live told where she spent 4.5 months and why all the while her newborn baby spent with babysitters and not with her where she was all this time, from February 13 and the day before yesterday. The father stole the child of his nanny, that’s absurd, he’s a father! Under the family code, parents have equal rights,” wrote Rudkovskaya in the microblog.
Яна Рудковская: «Кержаков предлагал жене решить конфликт мирно»

Jan called live Milana blow to the reputation of the player. According to the producer, Alexander was forced to take the child because they had a difficult situation in the family. In addition, the player tries not to react to such talk.

“I’ve been on your side, and not only because of female solidarity! Milan, you come from a good family, we respected your father, your family. Everyone is capable of error, but not everyone has the guts to admit it,” said Ian.

Milan itself has responded to the statement Rudkovskaya. “I know what and where I was treated. For me it’s scary, and I’m ready to be held accountable,” said Kerzhakov. Nevertheless the girl denies that her husband had offered to make peace. According to Milana, she has all the records of conversations with your spouse.

Яна Рудковская: «Кержаков предлагал жене решить конфликт мирно»

Shortly before the birth of son Milan has befallen. Her father Vadim of Tulips died. This tragedy took its toll on her, and literally destroyed the life of the mother girl Natalia Tulip. The woman began to abuse alcohol. Mother Milana’s Kerzhakova drunk after her husband’s death

Milan itself had used drugs that helped her cope with stress. However, because of them she began to speak clearly, and her thoughts were confused. Presumably, because of the mental problems of the wife Kerzhakov and took his son.