Яна Рудковская готовится к рождению дочери The producer spoke about their plans with her husband. Yana Rudkovskaya is the mother of three sons, but she still dreams of having a daughter. According to star, she and her husband are already working on it.
Яна Рудковская готовится к рождению дочери

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya and figure skater Yevgeny Plushenko – one of the strongest pairs of modern show business. A celebrity who supports the wife, helps him in planning ice show and makes not give up in difficult situations. Yana successfully promotes different artists who achieve tremendous success in music. However, despite such employment, the couple has enough time and on joint vacations, and raising children. From Yana Rudkovskaya and Plushenko is constantly increasing and the son Sasha, who dreams of becoming an Olympic champion, but also have children from previous marriages.

As told to Ian in an interview, she hopes that soon she will be born another child. Producer dreams about the birth of his daughter.

“Yes, it would. And Zhenya are working on it,” – said Rudkovskaya.

According to Rudkovskaya, with the birth of children a woman varies. In addition, the views on the upbringing of the offspring also become completely different. “I gave birth to Nicholas, when I was 27 years old, and only after 11 years the light appeared Sasha. And it’s a completely different thing. In 27 years you never know what that child is. And at the age of 38… He started to cry — you running away like crazy. Wakes up — you’re already there. I remember lying in bed and listen, or not beating his heart, he is breathing or not breathing. I have one friend gave birth at 45 years old, and she says it all the other sensations. You rush like a mother hen. And I would also like to experience it” – shared by Jan.

Soon, the younger son Rudkovskaya competition. She was very worried about Sasha, forcing the boy to practice more and hone the elements. “Last week we were preparing Sasha for the competition, regularly conversed with him. Every day he took home the music program. The son became a right to live in the ice, began to miss him and got us in this adventure. Friends often say that we have a sports sect. There are different sects, but we have sports. How to get into that cult, so crazy. First, bring the kids to skate three times a week, then six times, then children start to go on the ice twice a day. Or, as Sasha, three. Really a sect”, – confessed Ian in conversation with Woman.ru.