Yana Rudkovskaya has been hard raising children

Яна Рудковская оправдалась за жесткое воспитание детей The producer does not see anything reprehensible in their own methods. Yana Rudkovskaya punishes sons for their misdeeds or disobedience. She admitted that her parents were strict with her, but she just grateful for it.

Not so long ago, producer Yana Rudkovskaya said about parenting. She has three heirs – Andrew, over whom she had guardianship, Nicholas, and little Sasha, whom she affectionately calls the Dwarf Gnomecal. The sons do not hide that a parent with them is quite strict – it does not tolerate wrong behavior and punishes them for misconduct. Yana Rudkovskaya said about the severe punishment of the younger son

In a recent interview Rudkovskaya noted that these children’s statements caused a public outcry, although she sees nothing wrong with their own parenting practices. She did not deny that her criticized for excessive rigidity. Yana told about the occasion when her husband Evgeny Plushenko used extreme measures against the boy.

“Once he took the strap Jack and a little hit on the ass. It is a small thin belt. And what from this? And my parents into the room and planted dark, and the belt was used, and house arrests, was, and that I’m a man not grown?” – said Rudkovskaya.

Despite the fact that the producer is quite strict in the upbringing of children, she saw even more rigid parents. That is why Ian believes that compared to them quite forgiving to the misdeeds of the sons. 15-year-old Nicholas, who makes the first steps in the music industry, believes all the punishment mother fair.

The producer said that little Sasha almost no free time. It is glad, because he is afraid of examples of other wealthy families, when the children felt permissiveness, and therefore often tried illegal drugs. Jana is pleased that a boy passionate about sports.

“I have a child in the form of awarding is 30 minutes a day to watch cartoons. But he cherishes these 30 minutes. He is waiting for those 30 minutes. Every toy that he earned himself, is on his private place. All he give, these toys attitude is. And the fact that he makes – it is the Holy toy,” admitted Rudkovskaya.

The producer said in an interview with the journalist of TV channel “Rain” that Sasha is a great motivation to the sessions and figure skating.